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Top 10 USA Requests
2. Twizzlers
4. Butterfingers
5. Snyder's Pretzels
6. Nabisco Wheat Thins
7. Altoids Mints
8. Tootsie Rolls
10. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Labor Day - September 4

Labor Day BarbecueUnlike Independence Day, Memorial Day (honoring those who had died in the Civil War) and Veterans' Day (commemorating those who died fighting since WWI), Labor Day has no association with war and conflict.

Labor Day is always the first Monday in September and was created by the labor movement.  The idea behind the day is to celebrate the hard work and contribution to America 's prosperity of the millions of American workers.

Who founded Labor day?

It is unclear who exactly came up with the idea - some believe it was the general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Peter McGuire.  Others claim it was machinist Matthew McGuire who became the secretary of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson , N.J.

Whoever it was, it was deemed a good idea and the Central Labor Union planned a demonstration and picnic to lobby for the holiday.

When did it start?

On September 5 th 1882, the first ever Labor Day was celebrated in New York City.  The Central Labor Union urged other cities to join them on the first Monday in September and the idea spread with the growth of unions.

What happens on Labor Day?

Traditionally street parades are held and speeches given.  The Sunday before is known as "Labor Sunday".

The American workforce deserves recognition of the hard work they put in which has helped make America the economic success it is today.

If you want to celebrate Labor Day abroad why not treat yourself to some traditional American favorites? Order a flag, some lemonade, or some barbecue sauce, to complement your festivities! Make a request to the New York Gopher who will purchase and ship items direct to your door - anywhere overseas.


All About Pretzels...

What is a Pretzel?

Pretzels are salty, knotted snacks. They are usually twisted into a unique knot-like shape and made from wheat flour with yeast then dipped in lye water before baking.

Where do Pretzels come from?

Around 610 A.D. in Southern France or Northern Italy a monk was preparing unleavened bread for Lent, the Christian period of fasting and penitence before Easter. He fixed it into a knot shape and voila, the pretzel was born. It is believed the inspiration for the knot shape was an homage to Christians of the day who prayed with their arms folded across their chests.

Children especially enjoyed this new creation and were given it for their morning prayers. Pretzel's popularity soon spread and they became a symbol of good luck, long life and prosperity.

The American Pretzel

Legend has it that the first American pretzel came with the pilgrims on the Mayflower and that the pilgrims sold the pretzel to the Indians - perhaps it was even enjoyed at the first Thanksgiving.

Most people associate Pennsylvania with pretzels and assume that's where they originated, though this is not the case. Americans have, however, given the pretzel their own unique touch; the American pretzel is crispy and hard and can be stored for longer (as opposed to the soft German pretzels).

According to Snyders of Hanover (a famous American pretzel maker), by 1960, pretzel sales had reached $92 million and were the fourth most popular snack in America and were especially savored with beer. Pennsylvania is still the heart of America 's pretzel industry. Snyder's Pretzels The famed Snyder's of Hanover started their business in 1909 with their Olde Tyme Pretzels. Snyder's opened their second location in Berlin (Pennsylvania - not Germany) in 1948.

Snyder's have created many innovative variations on the original pretzel such as their flavored pretzel pieces, Nibblers and the flavored Hard Pretzel, Pumpernickel & Onion. As a low fat treat, they surged in popularity during the low fat craze in the US in the 1980's and 90's.

Make a request to the USA Gopher now to buy some Pretzels on your behalf.



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