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International Wedding Gift Request Service


The problem:

Feedback from GlobalGophers customers has made us aware of a common problem for expatriates; namely buying wedding gifts for people in another country.

Gift registries are an all to common phenomenon for today's weddings - which is all well and good until someone tries to purchase a gift online and finds that they cannot from abroad (this is because the credit card has to be registered in the country where the recipient is).

The solution:

Simply make a request to any of our Gophers in the country where the gift is to be purchased and they can purchase the item on your behalf and have it delivered to the recipient.


  • By using the Gopher service in this way you can be sure of purchasing a gift the couple wants.
  • If you are attending the wedding you do not have to transport a large gift internationally.
  • If you are not attending the gift can be sent direct to the recipient so you save on postage costs.

This problem applies to many online stores and the Gopher Service can be used to obtain items such as Polo Shirts

When making a request or emailing, be sure to include all information such as website URL, item description and where it is to be sent.

With GlobalGophers you can SHOP THE WORLD!


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